Coming in 2022
Cairo, Egypt #EducationEgypt


Egypt is home to one of the youngest and most vibrant population demographics found anywhere in the world. Of its 98 million people, more than half are under the age of 25. It has a buzzing consumer market, trained workforce and 21st-century infrastructure.

Africa's third-richest nation by GDP, Egypt also has one of the most diversified economies in the MENA-region, cementing its position as an international trading and logistics hub through innovation in tourism, information and communication technology, energy, transportation, and housing.

Education is considered the central factor to sustaining and advancing Egypt's social and economic development in line with both the EGYPT Education reform project, and the wider golas of Egypt Vision 2030. The country's working age population is predicted to increase by almost 20 million by 2030, meaning a new, internationally competitive educational framework needs to be put in place to prepare young Egyptians for a prosperous future. Domestic and foreign investment in thousands of educational upgrade projects across the country - led by last year's $500m injection - are seen as key to transforming this learning landscape.

The Buyers, prominent academics, leading investors and government organisations behind the project's blueprint for change will attend Education Egypt to network, exchange ideas and source the products needed to shape the next generation of Egyptian education and learning.